Monday, November 23, 2009

Doc Holliday and Ed Schieffelin

Announcement: Gallery of Dreams and Trask Fine Art are proud to present the latest additions to the "Legends of the West" collection -DOC HOLLIDAY AND ED SCHIEFFELIN. The eight foot bronze statue of Wyatt Earp that is permanently placed in Tombstone, AZ and the limited edition of 30 maquettes were the inspiration for the creation of an entire series of bronze legendary western figures. The bronze replica of the 8 foot Tombstone, AZ statue,"Wyatt Earp: Stepping into Legend" as well as the masterful sculpture of the new bronzes of Doc Holliday and Ed Schieffelin are just the begininning what is to come. Tim is in the process of creating Cochise as well. There were no pictures taken of Cochise so Tim did quite a bit of research on the legendary western figure and worked from pictures of Cochise's sons.

These statues are a must have for Western Art Collectors. They will be featured in an editorial in the January edition of Western Art Collector magazine. For more information give us a call or email us. The statues are
selling quick so now is the time to reserve a lower numbered edition! Phone: (520) 720-2649 Email:

Below Tim Trask, Gallery of Dreams owner and master sculptor explains the history behind the legendary figures and his inspiration for the statues.

Doc Holliday What Are Friends For!

Although Doc Holliday needs no introduction to most of you, Doc Holliday is depicted as he would have been dressed before the fight at the OK Corral. The historic accounts stated that he showed up on the corner before the OK Corral meticulously dressed wearing a slouch hat, overcoat, and carrying a silver cane. Morgan Earp stated that he did not have to be involved in the coming gunfight. Although the actual words used will never be known, Doc most likely answered “What are Friends For” (The title of the bronze) while tipping his hat with his cane. He then turned the cane over to Morgan Earp and accepted the shotgun he carried to the gunfight. At the edges of his overcoat, one can see the revolver he always carried in a shoulder holster, the derringer in his vest pocket, The Bowie Knife his uncle had given him and a deck of cards. All these items he was known to have carried on a daily basis. The story of Doc Holliday would not exist without the fact that he was Wyatt Earp's friend and was willing to back him up at any cost. Doc will always be remembered as a true friend of Wyatt Earp.

Ed Schieffelin: Founder of Tombstone

Ed Schieffelin as most of you know was the prospector who found the silver strike which created the town of Tombstone. He truly was the “Founder of Tombstone” (The title of the bronze). His story is the classic story of the prospector striking it rich. Once he found the deposit he had to work in another mine for a few months just to get enough money to travel and file his claim. His claim made him a very rich man in those days when he sold it years later. Prospecting kept drawing him back though. He died in his prospecting cabin in Oregon. It was said he was found just after he had assayed some new ore samples. The samples were very rich, He had scrawled on a note that he had did it! He had found another mother lode. Where the strike was found was never known. His body by his instructions was returned to Tombstone where he was interred in a cairn of rocks outside of Tombstone. The cairn is over 20 feet high and is marked as the grave of Ed Schieffelin created by the friends of Ed Schieffelin. It was placed where he had camped when he found the silver strike. I chose to depict Ed Schieffelin as he would have appeared while prospecting His prospectors pick in his right hand, his left hand holds the prized Sharps rifle. (The weapon of the time for accurate shooting over long distances) A cartridge belt on his waist carries the extra ammo he might need. On his hip are the revolver and Bowie Knife needed for survival in those rough times. His canteen is over his shoulder, He carried all the things he needed to survive in the desert while prospecting. He would never camp in the same place to elude the Apache Indians who were on the warpath at the time. Ed Schieffelin was a true pioneer in every sense of the word. This bronze sculpture represents the many people who came out hoping to strike it rich. Ed Schieffelin was the “Founder of Tombstone” and he should be memorialized in Tombstone.

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